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Party Games

Ensure that everyone has fun and especially your child.

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Here are some ideas for games where the winner can have a souvenir that you can find in the different party toys (pencils, pet ...). Everyone will participate with enthusiasm and everyone will be happy to go home with a little something.

These are a few examples of games that can make the birthday more fun, there are many others.

With the sunny days, various outdoor games they will spend a pleasant afternoon.


Pass the parcel

Prepare in advance a gift, wrap it in gift paper, then wrap a piece of candy or a small toy in another layer of wrapping paper or newsprint, and made 6 or 7 layers in the same way.
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The game consists of the children sit in a circle. Give the package to one of them, put on some music, pass the parcel, then stop the music and the child holding the parcel when the music stops opens a layer of paper and keeps the candy . And so on until the last layer of paper.
Musical statues

Put on some music. Everyone must dance when the music stops they must stop moving, if you move it is eliminated. The last remaining is the winner.

Musical bumps

Put on some music. Everyone must dance when the music stops they must sit down, the last to be seated is eliminated, the last remaining wins.
Thurs chocolate
(Over 5 years)

It takes a thimble, a pair of thick gloves, a scarf, a hat, a white chocolate and one milk, blunt knife and fork.

Each player throws the dice in turn, as soon as one starts a 6, he must don gloves, scarf, hat, and must try to cut and eat as much chocolate as it can only knife and fork until another Launches 6 and take his place.

The tail on the donkey

Draw a clown or another on a large piece, hang on mur.Depending on the drawing  chosen design, with creativity either a nose or tail or autre.hide the eyes of children each in turn. They should hang the nose or tail (scotch) in the right place: it rarely happens thats where the fun begins...

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The farmer and the rabbit

4 or more players
1 small ball (rabbit)
1 large ball (the farmer)


The purpose: The farmer (large ball) must touch the bunny (small ball).

Stand in a circle, pass the ball in a small way, halfway, move the big ball in the same direction.
The farmer can change directions to catch the rabbit, it can not change direction. If someone dropped the rabbit, they are eliminated. The person holding the rabbit Where it is affected by the farmer is eliminated. The last win.
Treasure Hunt

These are some treasure hunt ideas: You can scatter coins in the lawn and let the children look just like a easter egg hunt. You can hide the goodie bag for each child and then give him a clue on a piece of paper to find it - it could be a simple drawing or photos (the garden and the house) for a toddler, a word or an enigma to the greatest.

Otherwise give a hint on a paper or an image location, image or hide another clue to the ndroit specified and so on until the discovery of the treasure.
Guess how many

Fill a jar with candy. Let children write their name on a piece of paper and estimate the quantity of sugar contained in the jar. The child who will guess the right number, or the nearest gets a gift. The candy in the jar are then divided among the children. A variation is the Prizewinning wins the jar with him to share with his family.

Who am I?

When the children arrive, stick a paper with a drawing of a farm animal or object on their backs. During the party, they can ask questions to which the answer is either yes or no. Explain that the first question they may ask is, "Am I an animal or an object?" The first to have found a winner.

Obstacle courses

With the sunnydays, if you have a garden, an obstacle course is a good idea for children romp before tea. Take a starting point, put chairs or boxes and ask for their move to above, dessou around the various obstacles. Time the best score will win.

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